General Information
-Guilds can be joined by anyone level 15 and above with the permission of a Hero/Guild Leader of the guild-
The Guilds

The Dragonsworn/Ta'veren
Guild Leader: Rand Al'Thor (The Dragon Reborn)
Special Characters: Rand, Matrim and Perrin

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Guild Leader: Raen

The Tuatha'an are alone among the descendants of the original Da'shain Aiel still follow the Way of the Leaf. Known by most by the Traveling People, the now roam the land, both in and out of the Waste, in caravans of brightly covered wagons. Led by a man called Mahdi, caravans continues its search for the lost dream of peace. Clothed in equally bright coats and dresses, they move as if always listening to a tune, always ready for a dance. Unlike the Aiel, who only sing battle chants, or a dirge for the slain, the Tuatha'an sing or play at any opportunity. Where they go, music is always near. The Tuatha'an believe that no man should harm another, for any reason whatsoever.

Once we were known as the Dai'shan Aiel, a peaceful folk who loved to dance and sing. In those songs we once sang, there was power: with them we could help the seeds to grow, or bring peace and joy to hearts of man. At the time of the breaking, our people were decimated (as were many others) - but our real problem came in the aftermath of the destruction. As did many others, we wandered the world in search of a place to call our own - and the Aes Sedai to whom we had given a promise.

Through the course of our journey we were attacked by many desperate people - and many of us drifted off the Way... The Tuatha'an were one of these groups - we left off the futile search for the Aes Sedai we had promised to return to, and began our own quest. We now wander the world in search of the songs which we once knew, for in those songs is the hope for peace in these troubled times.

Now that you know our history, you can better understand our present: Here, in this world, this age, this turning of the Wheel - we still seek the songs. We seek them through kindness and by promoting the peace we hold in our hearts. It's my belief that if we do find the songs, they will come from with-in: and only when we are prepared to use them in true syncronicity with the Way of the Leaf.

The Way of the Leaf is the covenant by which we live: Just as a leaf lives out its appointed time, then falls to the ground - contented that it has done all it can for the world around it so do we. We do what we can, and - if we die in our duty - we do not rail against our fate, we accept it, and try to do more the next pass of the Wheel.

Members of the Tuatha'an guild will be selected by the guild leader and the admin staff. There are only few Tuatha'an and they have a special task in helping new players out. Equipment is not to be transfered to/from Tuatha'an to other alts.

Aes Sedai
Guild Leader: Siuan

Wielders of the One Power. Since the Time of Madness, all surviving Aes Sedai are women. Widely distrusted and feared, even hated, they are blamed by many for the Breaking of the World, and are thought to meddle in the affairs of nations. At the same time, few rulers will be without an Aes Sedai adviser, even in lands where the existence of such a connection must be kept secret.

The Aes Sedai are organised in a structure of societies, call Ajah. These are societies among the Aes Sedai to which all Aes Sedai except the Amyrlin Seat belong.

They are designated by colors: Blue, Red, Whie, Green, Brown, Yellow, and Gray. Each follows a specific philosophy of the use of the One power and the purposes of the Aes Sedai. For example, the Red Ajah bends all its energies to finding men who are attempting to wield the Power and to gentling them. The Brown Ajah, on the other hand, forsakes involvement with the mundane world and dedicates itself to seeking knowledge. There are rumors (hotly denied, and never safely mentioned in front of any Aes Sedai) of a Black Ajah, dedicated to serving the Dark One.

Guild Leader: Suroth

The Seanchans are the descendants of the armies of Luthair Paendrag. Luthair set out to conquer a new continent for his fathers empire, but when he later received word of the fall of his father he made it his empire.

they are a small force but still they came with more then 500 ships. They have taken on the task of retaking their empire long lost and reports of the main army have been heard. No one knows how big this army really is. The Seanchan is a strict warrior hierarcy with the true descendant of Luthair Paendrag as Emperor and the descendants of his army as nobel class. It resembles the Japanese Samurai culture.

Rand has been the biggest problem when recapturing the continent and is to be leashed as soon as possible (for his own good). They put all other male channelers they can get their hand on to death and leashes all the female channelers. Other pepole who are conquered are given two choices, swearing the oaths or death, the oath equals total obedience but also give the giver a chance to be a part of their empire. Requirements for this guild will be set by the current guild recruiters, please refer to any of the seanchan players if you are willing to join this guild.

Guild Leader: Geofram

The Children of the Light were founded in FY 1021, during the War of the Hundred Years, by Lothair Mantelar, as a priesthood dedicated to proselytizing against the Darkfriends. Over the turbulent century that followed, the group evolved from preachers to fighters. At first they only fought as needed to defend themselves while preaching, but as the chaos of the war years grew, so did the perceived need for military intervention against Darkfriends. The Children gradually turned from preaching against Darkfriends to actually fighting them, until by approximately FY 1111.

The Children of the Light had become a full-fledged military society dedicated to the defeat of the Dark One and the destruction of all Darkfriends. Little has survived from these early formative years to tell how gentle preachers became the ruthless crusaders and fanatics of the current day. Members of the Children of Light believe they have been called by the Light to do battle with the Shadow. These men follow very strict asthetic beliefs. Each society is controlled by one high-ranking individual: each owes allegiance to no nation, and is therefore not limited to one kingdom or region. The central headquarters of the Children, the Fortress of Light, is located in Amadicia's capital city of Amador, but only a small percentage of the total membership of the Children are ever in attendance at the Fortress at any one time. The majority are usually dispersed throughout the Land, constantly traveling in their seach for Darkfriends.

If you are seeking riches, fame and glory this isn't the guild you wish to join. Those of you who seek for a greater purpose, those of you who wish to fight in the name of the Creator and do his bidding join the ranks of the Children of Light.

Requirements for this guild will be set by the current guild recruiters, please refer to any of the whitecloak players if you are willing to join this guild.

Grey Man
Guild Leader: Shaidar

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Guild Leader: The Great Lord of the Dark

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