The Great Hunt Policies

Ignorance of the law is not tolerance of the law

The Laws

Laws are the body of rules and principles governing the affairs of a community and enforced by the Immortal Staff. All laws that concern mortals and immortals, alike, are expected to be followed to the spirit, and the letter. Enforcement of these laws lay within the jurisdiction of the Administrative staff of TGH.

The Policies

Mortals are expected to follow all policies to the spirit, and the letter. Unlike laws, policies are a course of action, guiding principle, or procedure considered expedient, prudent, or advantageous for the mud by the Immortal Staff. These are subject to frequent changes, and mortals will be given notice.

Any mortal who breaks these laws or policies are subject to punishment as deemed fit by the Administrative staff. These punishments may range from a warning, to the execution of every character that player owns, and even permanent banishment from the game. Mortals do retain the right to appeal their cases to higher immortals, as they wish. For precedents in each case, please consult the Case Library under the Resources section.

I. Player Kill (Policy) - Player Killing [The act of one player killing another with intent to kill] is permissible for any reason. However, players may NOT attempt to kill other players under the level of five. These first five levels are protected from any form of harmful intention from other players. This includes the usage of aggressive mobs and charmies to bypass the hard code. It is also not recommended that players to kill other players that are outside of a five level limit. This is known as Out of Level Killing (hereinafter OOLing).

II. Multi-playing (Policy) - Multi-playing [The act of logging on more than one character at one time] is strictly forbidden. This does not mean that you may only own one character. It means that you may not have more than one character logged into the game at any time. This includes Link Dead characters.

Multi-play in a Player combat situation is EXTREMELY illegal. All characters involved in such activity are subject to slaying and sacrificing of the corpse. Continual infractions will result in deletion of your characters.

If you have ANY questions about this matter, ask an Administrator or IMP *BEFORE* acting. Please use common sense and try to err on the side of caution. We are not lawyers here, and are not capable of eliminating all loopholes to this policy in its written form. We reserve the right enforce the spirit of the rule, so beware.

Multi-playing also includes consecutively attacking a target or targets with more than one character. You may not die, or get safe from combat, quit, log in another character, and rejoin the fight. You MUST allow ALL participants in a battle to get out of the 105 second violence timer. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 10 minutes between fights with consecutive characters. This does not mean, that you may rejoin a fight with another character after waiting 10 minutes, if others are still participating. Please remember that sometimes battles among groups may last quite some time. Use good judgement here please.Players found in violation of this policy will be subject to a fine, slay, or deletion as deemed necessary by the adminstration.

You may not locate your PK victim or attacker for another character. By locating, this means *not only* the locate person spell, but also the use of the where command, or any method of using another character to check on the whereabouts of your attacker or victim. Specifically, you may not quit out a character that is under attack, and use another to determine when it is safe to log back in again. For example: Character X sleeps Character Y with the intention of PKing Y. Y quits out, still slept, before X is able backstab Y. Character Y may not log in another character with the intention of determining the whereabouts of X in order that he might log back in. Character X on the other hand, may not log off and use another character to watch for Y to log back in.

If you can not carry all of the loot in a corpse of your kill, you may not log in another character to help you loot. Conversely, if you die, you may not log in another character to run to your corpse and loot. In a PK situation, you and your allies may loot what you can carry, you must leave or sac the rest. NO ONE involved in the fight may log in another character to loot. The same goes for the victim.

You may not plague safe with one character, and push out and kill others with another character. This is not acceptable, even if you log in one character, plague safe, log out, and log in another. Expect to deal with the consequences if you do so. It is illegal and UNacceptable to multi-play to switch equipment between your characters by going Link Dead with one character, and logging in another.

Once again, please be aware that the above document is NOT inclusive of the multi-playing policy of TGH. The spirit of the law is expected to be followed, and the administration reserves the right to interpret and expand the above policy at their discretion.

III. OOLing (Policy) - Out of Level Killing or OOLing is the act of killing or attacking someone five levels above, or five levels below you. When committing an OOL action, a (WANTED) Flag will be issued against the player who is OOLing downwards.

Chronic Out Of Level killers will be executed, and possibly banned.

Using aggressive mobs to avoid a (WANTED) flag will result in slaying, incarceration, or execution.

Players who move aggressive mobs into areas frequented by low level characters will be subject to slaying, execution, incarceration, or a combination of the above.

IV. Wanted Flag (Policy) - Kill out of level and you will get (WANTED). There is NO way to get pardoned, unless the wanted flag was issued specifically to a bug or the abuse of a bug by another player . Should you escape the eyes of authority, however, the flag WILL wear off with time. LOTS of time.

The consequences of becoming (WANTED) are the following:: -- You will be autoattacked by police mobs, such as Law and various other guards, while the flag lasts. -- You are pushable or draggable from saferooms at all times while the wanted flag lasts. -- You are more easily summonable, even while in a safe room, blind, feared, webbed, etc.

V. Wanted Flag Evasion (Law) - The purposeful evasion of your wanted flag will result in a fine, slaying, or incarceration. Wanted Evasion is when a player has a (WANTED) flag and hands off his equipment or gold in an attempt to thwart his pursuers of a full kill.

Vi. Multiple Killings (Law) - Multiple killings of the same player repeatedly and in quick succession, or Mult-kill is not justified under any circumstance. A Killing-player must allow the Killed-player sufficient time to equip and recoup from a Pk, especially a full loot. There is no specific time allotment between kills. It may be between an immediate exit of the Chamber of the Slain, or one week afterwards. Perpetrators may receive a fine, slaying, or incarceration. Exemptions to the above: Botters are fair game at all times. Fully Equipped or nearly fully equipped players are also fair game at all times. This law is intended to protect those players who are looted, and are attempting to re-equip without constant harassment. Please refer to the Case Library for precedents.

Vii. The Abuse of Bugs and Glitches (Law) - The Abuse of Bugs and Glitches in the game to further the player's own character will be dealt with in a severe manner. TGH does encourage players to try to outsmart the code. However, once a code glitch is found, they are expected to own up and await Immortal response.

Viii. Purposeful Crashing of the Mud (Law) - Any attempt at crashing the mud outside of Implementer supervision will be dealt with harshly . Expect to have at least one, if not more, characters executed. Chronic crashing will result in a permanent player ban.

Ix. Cheating (Law) - Mortals may not accept favors from Immortals, even if they are offered. Nor may they accept illegally enhanced equipment or stolen monies from other mortals. Abuse of technical loopholes of policy or code will also be enforced. The Spirit of the Law as well as the Letter will be enforced at all times.

X. Hacking Characters (Law) - The hacking of other players characters is strictly forbidden. Hacking encompasses the stealing of passwords via snoop, guessing passwords, and any other methods to gain access to a character not belonging to that player specifically.

Xi. IRL Threats (Law)- In-real-life threats are not tolerated in any manner or form. If evidence is found that you have, in anyway, threatened the life, health, or property of another player or that player's kin, action will be taken by the Immortals against your TGH characters and possibly with proper authorities..

Xii. Reconnect Scripts (Policy) - Reconnect Scripts are illegal. If you are botting, you may not use a script to automatically log you on if you are disconnected. Immortals reserve the right to check if you have a reconnect script going at any time. If a player is found with one, their character will be impounded.

Xiii. Spamming (Law) - Spam, or the repeated messaging of the same, or similar messages, and flooding channels is not permitted.

Xiv. Guild Leaders (Policy) - Guild leaders are the elected leaders or Immortal-placed leaders of a Guild. They have complete autonomy to direct their guild as they see fit. Guild leaders are to place all their characters into the guild that they are currently managing, with the exception of one, which they may leave unguilded.

Guild Leaders may be replaced by the Administrative staff at their discretion. Guild leadership is a privilege and not a right, and the Immortal Staff reserves the right to interfere for what they deem, the good of the mud.

Xv. Restores (Policy) - Restores will be given out as Immortals see fit. The more you ask for them, the less they will happen. Consider yourself lucky to receive them.

Xvi. Character Names (Policy) - Character names should follow some sort of Fantasy naming convention. For the most part it is up to the player, however, names that contain obscenities, sexual innuendo, overt racism, or are major book [Wheel of Time] names may be removed at Immortal discretion.

Xvii. Immortal (Policy) - TGH Immortals are bound by rules and regulations, in addition to the ones that they must observe as mortals. The following Ten Commandments should be observed by Immortals at all times:

-- Immortal interference in mortal affairs is to be kept to a minimum. Immortals may not guild or unguild players without specific permission from the guild leaders. Unless there is direct cheating or chronic OOL, Immortals should stay out of it - let the mortals handle it.

-- Information about sockets, and alt characters is private. Immortals are expected to hold all such information confidential.

-- Immortals may not load equipment for their own mortals or for any mortals. Admins+ may decide in the course of the game that certain individuals are to be reimbursed, but this is left to the Admin's discretion.

-- Advances, and enhancements, are all strictly illegal. Immortals may not enhance or modify a player's equipment, nor may they modify a players' stats unless it is a pre-set and approved quest open to all players.

-- Immortals may not log in a mortal to join a fight, or attack a player immediately if they are already logged. They may join fights if they have a character already logged, or if they have just logged in on their own. The use of at look to determine what a mortal is doing, for the benefit of Immortal's own mortal, is strictly forbidden. Snooping for the express pleasure of observing a mortal in PK is not permissible without that specific mortal's permission. Snoop is only to be used as a means to garner information of possible cheating.

-- Use of owhere, or mwhere, to locate mobs or eq for Immortals or any mortals is illegal.

-- Quests can be done at immortal whim. However, prizes must be approved by an administrator prior to being handed out. Immortals expected to perform a minimum set of duties. If these duties are not met then they are subject to dismissal.

-- No mortal should be trans'd into immortal rooms while still under the violence timer. No mortal should be allowed to quit out in an imm room. If this happens, the character shall be brought on, transferred it to Fitch or another safe room, and purged.

-- Do not help your own mortals. If your mortal needs something from an imm, get another immortal to assist you.

-- Immortals may not help their own mortals. If they require immortal activity they must ask another immortal to do it for them. This includes any illegal activity in a Player Kill that Immortal's own mortal has participated in.

The Immortals of Great Hunt reserve the right to add and amend any laws or policies. For detailed information concerning laws, please refer to the Case Library under the Resources section.