About The Great Hunt
Start-up Date: 1990's
The Great Hunt is Free

The Great Hunt is a M.U.D. (Multi-User Dungeon or Multi-User Dimension) that allows many players from around the world to take part in an interactive cyber-realm of magic, danger, exploration, high adventure, and battle. M.U.D.s are text based and have no graphics, yet this has allowed the creation of a world of literary richness and precisely tuned combat that has yet to be matched.

The great hunt is a completly free online world with hundreds of other players. When you connect to this world of The Great Hunt, you will encounter complex and intelligent creatures. Expect to be taught the tools of survival and battle by your guild master as you rise through the levels of power. Adventure into an intricately designed world of dangers and quests, with naught but a blade in your hand, a MAP in your pack, and a friend or two at your side. Throughout your experience you will gain close relationships with many people and come to know them as friends and many more as enemies. Join the most thrilling and addictive online experience on the net.

The Great Hunt has been in existance since around 1994. It has grown from a basic M.U.D., to a customized world loosely based on Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Series, to a highly tuned combat experience involving dozens of unique skills, spells, and areas to explore. It continues to evolve in richness and complexity. Enter The Great Hunt now.

Admins and Qimms

The current head admins are Anselan  and Murdoch.



   Secondary Admins
     There are no current secondary admins.

Quest Immortals

The current quest immotals are Paradise, Jerina, and Tgauchsin

General Information
The Great Hunt
Connecting to the great hunt

The adress for the great hunt is tghmud.org PORT:8500

Contacting The Administrators
tghimp AT tghmud.org

You may email the admins at any time you like, but try to only use for more important issues with the code

In Game
Use tells or notes

You can send a tell to any visible, non-afk Admin at any time, you can also ask for a tell over music, or post a note in the mail section to admin