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Jerina’s Level 53 Quest Immortals Guide


2. Choose a room and remember the vnum of the room as that room will be your room and reward questors in your room. After rewarding transfer them away.

3. As a Quest Immortal, you will be given a set of new commands. To view all commands type wizhelp and the list of commands will appear. I will explain every one of the commands here:

at – at a specific location (room), you can make a command (e.g. at Beldin buy )

autovnum/vnum – automatically shows the vnum of everything (mobs/room/equipment)

award – award qps/ gps/ guild points/ tps/ gold

clone – to clone a mob or an equipment (can be clones as long as the object is in your inventory or in the room)

create – create object or mob using vnum

echo/gecho – room echo/global echo

enchant/set – enchant equipment / set equipment or mobs

force – force someone to perform an action (only applicable to mobs)

goto – goto room (using vnum or name of mob)

holylight – activating all detects

immtalk / “:” – immortal channel

imotd – type it and you will know

incognito/wizinvis – conceal yourself where other lower level players cannott see you

peace – stop a fight in a room or aggie on a mob

poofin/poofout – sets the sentence when you appear and disappear in and out of the room

purge – clear everything inside the room (equipment/mobs)

qwest/tarmon – to throw quest and tarmon. Read syntax

restore – room restore

seize – seize an object from players/mobs anywhere in the mud

stat – status for equipment or mobs (Cant stat players)

string – restring equipment or mobs

transfer – transfer players or mobs into your room or designated room

4. Quest Immortal’s GOODIE BAG

You will be given a set of equipments to start of with. There will be a backpack filled with the things you need to throw quests. Here is the list of equipment that will be in the backpack:

1. a backpack to award in quest ( in this backpack there will be 5K gold/quest pipe and a BLOOD quest jug)

2. a WATER quest jug (just for in case that someone prefer water quest jugs. I have experienced it before)

3. a fragment (to scatter around the mud)

4. a token (can be put on quest mobs or awarded to players to claim their prize)

5. an improved invis (level 53 and below cannot see this equipment) super quest weapon (for your quest mob to wield)

6. a full stats shield (to test the damage per melee of your quest mob on you)

7. Beldin’s damage/hp/balanced equipment ( to award equipment if players don’t want qps or put onto mobs)

You can restring the equipments given to you as you wish.


I’ll explain briefly about these 2 quests, quest mob and tarmon pk. These two are the basic quests for a Quest Immortal to throw and with a short guide it will be easier to throw them. I have some difficulties throwing them when I was a new Quest Immortal.

5.1 Quest mob quest

To throw a quest mob, first create a mob (normally I’ll use dark one/forsaken gleeman/akir). Secondly rename the mob using string mob (name/long/short/desc). After that, you can use the set mob command to set (normally I’ll only set the level/hp/gold). Give the super quest weapon to your mob and force it to wear (must be lvl 60 to wear it). There will be only 2 things to change to the quest weapon (ac and damage). To test the ac of your mob, create any charmies that normally players use (cap com/high lords) and use them to test your mob. Try making the charmies damage at most maim (not too easy) by adjusting the ac. To test the damage that is done to the mobs, remove all your equipment and wear the full stats shield to test. Normally the appropriate damage per melee is about 200++ for a hard mob. You can lower it if you want for easier mobs. By adjusting the damage on the weapon you can achieve this. Now you are set to place the mob.

Transfer your mob to the designated area and note to players about the quest. TRY not to put more than 3 qps worth of equipment on your mob (1 equipment = 1 qp except weapon = 2qp)

5.2 Qwest/Tarmon pk quests

First of all, type ‘qwest begin’ and add players into the qwest (qwest add). After adding, start choosing teams for the players by rolling dice (qwest team ). After the teams are set, ask players to spell. While they are spelling, start tarmoning them. Type “tarmon setup; tarmon start” together. This is to prevent other players that are not in the quest from joining. Manually tarmon players after tarmon start (tarmon add ). Restore and off the questors go. After finishing, type “tarmon stop” and qwest trans all players and restore. Repeat steps if there is another round. After the end of quest, reward players and remember to type “qwest end”.


Here is a list of room vnum that I usually use in quests.

Fitch - 3150

Law - 3001

NT Healer - 9605

Eryl – 14603

Mother Guenna - 12509

Green Man – 4509

Safety - 15091

North TV - 20032

South TV - 20098

Shadar Logoth cartographer - 13300

Misty Forest cartographer - 9800

Arena - 10303


1. DO NOT give out (Quest) flagged equipment or items.

2. DO NOT enchant your equipment with spells.

3. DO NOT enchant your equipment with hp more than 3k. (There is a hp cap and if you exceed it your hp will become negative and you will be stuck)

4. DO NOT locate or scry players unless in quest (locate person spell will be removed if caught doing so)

5. DO NOT leave any created mobs in the Quest Realm as this will affect the repop of the mobs in the mud. Purge them after there is no longer use of them.

6. DO NOT scatter more than 40 fragments around the mud. (Try locating other fragments before scattering)

7. DO NOT CHEAT by awarding your mortals with equipment/qps/gold

8. DO NOT load necromancer tower equipment as they are quite unstable.

9. DO NOT leave players in the immortal’s realm. Transfer them away if they are AFK.


** These are numbers of don’ts for a Quest Immortal to obey. The rules are subjected to changes as these rules are not fixed and there could be more rules in the future.

Now you will have the basics of being a Quest Immortal. There are some commands that I didn’t state above. This you will have to explore and test it out yourself. If in any kind of doubt, feel free to ask the existing Quest Immortals or Administrations for help. They will assist you if they can.


Written by: Jerina
Date: 10th February 2007